Making the Right Choice

Because everyone deserves a happy ending

Eye artistry is the new, in demand career in the beauty industry and highly desirable to beauty savvy customers. Who doesn’t want luscious long lashes (hello lash extensions!) and elegant eyebrows like we remember from our favourite fairytales?  Eye artistry is a career with many lash and brow options and a dazzling selection of beauty courses.

So how do you choose the right training AND trainer for you?

Eyelash Extensions are by far THE most sought after and talked about beauty treatment revolutionising the beauty industry. Following a close second are Brow Services – shape & design, waxing and tinting for perfect eyebrows! Lash Lift is a maintenance free service clients love.

There are a lot of things to consider. Is the trainer qualified? Are they active in the industry? Do they keep up to date? Is the training a workshop or a full course? Do you receive a manual and learning materials? Is ongoing support offered? Is a kit included or do you have to buy that on top of the course cost? Is the training recommended by others?

If you choose to join our Enchanted World, we will provide you with knowledge, expert training, support and products you can trust. Because everyone deserves a happy ending!

Our Training

Whether you are a beautician, hairdresser or completely new to the industry and looking for a flexible career to earn extra income, our beauty courses can open a whole new world to you.

Enchanted SPA beauty courses have been developed using a Competency based approach to teaching and learning. This ensures each course covers everything necessary to perform a service safely and professionally from start to finish.

Learning continues after your training day

A post course assessment program is an important feature of our training; providing support and guidance while our Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the workplace. Final certification is only provided when our Students have successfully met all assessment criteria and are considered competent to perform the service.

Our Trainers are passionate and know what they are doing

Our trainers are qualified, have significant, relevant industry experience and hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Their knowledge is extensive and on point. Enchanted SPA takes part in regular conferences with leading lash extensions artists and lash and brow course developers around the world to ensure we bring Australia the latest trends, methods and safe practices through our beauty courses.

Kits and detailed learning materials are always included!

All Enchanted SPA training courses include kits containing the products you need to perform the services.  We also provide comprehensive training guides and learning materials. Our online video library is open to you to refresh your memory on techniques and important steps in the treatment process.

We hold your hand while you are taking the leap into your new adventure

Ongoing support is provided to all students through our exclusive online support group The Enchanted World, with access to Trainers and Industry experts. We continue to advise and cheer you on long after your training course is over.

Our beauty courses are updated as new trends or practices emerge and we don’t leave past students behind.  When you train with us, you continue to benefit as we share any new developments in courses you have previously undertaken with us.

Enchanted SPA Trainers, Jodie Adams and Kelly Storer lead beauty training courses in lash extensions, lash and brow services and more!
Enchanted SPA Trainers, Jodie Adams and Kelly Storer

Enchanted SPA offers regular Classic and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions training, Lash Lift training and Lash and Brow Design & Alchemy training in Perth, with courses available on demand in WA regional areas, Darwin, Adelaide and other States.  We also offer workshops to upskill and refresh lash and brow techniques.

Whatever your story is, we can help you turn a new page in your life and give you the confidence to make your dream a reality. Work in a salon, open a salon, go mobile, just do friends, enter competitions, advance to master lash artist or join our artistic team….Once you enter the Enchanted World, the possibilities are endless.

Train Today

Start your new business opportunity straight away!

The major benefit of providing Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift and other Lash and Brow services is that the initial outlay and overheads are low. Once you have completed our training course (including your case studies) and had your competency confirmed, you are ready to get started.


Expand your treatment menu and clientele.


Offer your loyal clients something extra and attract new clients by offering the convenience of lashes, brow and hair services in one appointment.

Stay at home mums

Looking for extra pocket money? Work around the kids, work from a home salon or mobile.

School leavers

Not sure what career you want to choose yet but have an interest in beauty, makeup and fashion? Beauty courses are a great way to get started, giving you a skillset to earn while you work out your passion.

Nationally Recognised Training logo

As part of our commitment to excellence, we offer Classic Eyelash Extensions training courses and Lash and Brow Design & Alchemy training courses that include nationally accredited Units of Competency through our Partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO 51807).

In addition we offer beauty courses in the future of lashing, Russian Volume Lashes, and Lash Lift – a treatment that ‘lifts’ and visually lengthens natural lashes, plus lash and brow workshops for trained artists to refresh and upskill their techniques for lashes and eyebrows. All of our training courses are internationally accredited by Lash Inc.

Whether you are a beginner or already working in the beauty industry, we can help you through each and every step to become a lash and brow professional.

demonstration on model of lash and brow services learned in our beauty courses. applying eyelash extensions and shaping eyebrows

Treatment Overview

Beauty Courses you can learn from us!

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions are perfect if you have a lot of strong natural lashes to work with, as only one synthetic eyelash extension is bonded per natural lash. Excellent fullness and length can be added to give you a natural yet enhanced look.

80-100 lash extensions are usually used for a full set in a Classic Eyelash Extensions application. The natural hair cycle means that no matter how well the lash extensions are bonded, some of the natural eyelashes will be lost due to natural lash shed, hence the requirement for infills and maintenance. Classic Eyelash Extension clients will generally need to return for infill appointments every 2-3 weeks.

Treatment time will vary between 1-2.5 hours depending on the desired look and the experience of the lash artist.

Want to find out more about our Classic Eyelash Extensions training? Just click the link!

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are the hottest trend for those who want a more dramatic look and involves placing multiple lash extensions onto one natural eyelash in a fanned shape. The result is 160-800 (or more!) lash extensions applied per eye, far greater than the 80-100 lash extensions used in Classic Eyelash Extensions.

For this method, very fine, soft and light lash extensions are used, allowing multiple lashes to be applied without being too heavy or unnatural and without damaging the natural lash. 2D/3D/4D/5D/6D/7D/8D are all types of Volume Lash designs. The number refers to how many eyelash extensions are applied per natural eyelash.

Volume Lashes last longer before a noticeable need for refill due to the much larger number of lashes added per natural lash. Treatment time will vary between 2-4 hours depending on the desired look, the strength of the natural lash and the experience of the lash artist. Volume Eyelash Extensions can last up to 4-6 weeks before infills are needed.

Looking to step up your lash game? Read more about our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions training

Lash Lift

The Lash Lift procedure has revolutionised old, inadequate perming techniques. This new technique can lift, straighten or curl, and visually lengthen your own natural lashes to create a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look.

With no need for Eyelash Extensions and the associated aftercare, this treatment will last up to 6 weeks and can be combined with an optional colour boost.

Lash Lift is an alternative treatment to Eyelash Extensions allowing you to offer an additional treatment for Clients who are not keen on the idea of lash extensions. You can give a lift of the lashes for ‘a wide awake’ look and the appearance of increased lash curl and length. Lash Lift can also assist in lashing for clients with downward facing natural lashes.

Lash Lift has become one of the fastest growing beauty trends which is quick and easy to carry out. Each treatment will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Lasts up to 6 weeks with minimal aftercare.

Ready to add a low cost, high value service to your treatment menu? Check out our Lash Lift training

Shape & Design Eyebrows and Lash Tinting

Mix facemapping, measuring and marking to design the perfect eyebrows with waxing and tweezing for shaping.  Add different techniques for colour tinting eyebrows and lashes.  Combined, these treatments give a fresh and defined look from the moment you wake up.

These treatments are waterproof, smudgeproof and non-invasive with no need for makeup or stencils. Each treatment will take approximately 25-60 minutes depending on individual requirements. Eyebrows can last for up to 3 weeks and lash tinting up to 6 weeks with proper home aftercare.

Looking for an amazing foundation course to teach you how to shape and design perfect eyebrows? Check out our Lash/Brow Design & Alchemy training

For more information, view our Training Courses , Training Dates or Contact Us to register your interest.

For free downloadable PDF forms to assist with professional client management when performing Eyelash Extensions or other Lash & Brow Services covered in our beauty courses, simply click HERE.

Join our Enchanted World

Receive more than just Lash and Brow training

Once you decide to enter our Enchanted World, we provide you with more than a training course. The benefits to you include:

  • Small classes
  • Ongoing technical support, business advice and mentoring after your training has finished
  • Fully loaded kit with everything you need to get started
  • Highest quality products sourced from reputable suppliers
  • Access to relevant workshops to up-skill and keep fresh
  • Membership of ‘The Enchanted World” – an online support group exclusively for Enchanted Students with access to Trainers and Industry experts
  • Permanent access to online Training Video Library for step by step tutorials on treatment procedures and tips and tricks
  • Competency certificate on successful completion of training
  • Statement of Attainment from our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest on successful completion of accredited courses
  • High income low outlay business

Love your work and have pride in your creative side. Work from home, mobile or salon providing luscious lashes and perfect eyebrows. Earn extra pocket money or take advantage of our help and support offered through our beauty courses and open your own lash lounge or brow bar! The possibilities are endless!

Our Products

We want to ensure you have access to the best quality products you can have faith in.  That’s why Enchanted SPA stocks a full range of equipment and products, including our amazing lashes – truly the Rolls Royce of lash design! A perfect tapered shape, vast array of length, degree of curl and thickness in Mink or Silk finish.  This is the lashtastic happily ever after your clients have been waiting for!

Perfect Eyebrows await with the Belmacil range of Lash & Brow tints and Adam & Eve Wax. Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift delivers excellent results.

Our products are the highest quality sourced from reputable suppliers. We test each product in our range extensively before sending them to our sisterhood of lash and brow experts to blind test for us. Only those products that pass our very high standards make the range. To view our available products and pricing, head to our online store.  Interested in more information on the suppliers we partner with?  You can read about them here