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About our Training

Classic Eyelash Extensions are an extremely popular treatment and the demand for this treatment continues to grow.

Classic Eyelash Extensions bond one synthetic lash per natural lash. Excellent fullness and length can be added to give your Clients a natural yet enhanced look. 80-100 eyelash extensions are usually used for a full set in Classic Eyelash Extensions application. The natural hair cycle means that no matter how well the eyelash extensions are bonded, some of the eyelashes will be lost due to natural lash fall, hence the need for infills and maintenance and therefore, repeat business!

Our Classic Eyelash Extension training course has been designed to meet and exceed the criteria set by the Australian Government, meaning on successful completion, our students can receive a Statement of Attainment for the Unit of Competency SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions from our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO 51807) in addition to our own certification.

Qualifications that include the Unit SHBBMUP001 as an Elective are:

  • SHB40115 Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy
  • SHB30215 Certificate III in Make Up
  • SHB30115 Certificate III in Beauty Services
  • SHB20116 Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics

There is no Pre-requisite required to enrol in this course. Our course is designed for beginners who are new to Eyelash Extensions and for those who have trained previously but do not have confidence in their knowledge level.


Outline and Training Structure

Your Classic Eyelash Extensions training is delivered by Certified Trainers & Assessors and will cover all of the following:



  • Work Health & Safety – how to take care of yourself and your clients
  • Health & Hygiene Regulations & Requirements – how to make sure your business complies with State and council requirements
  • Personal Hygiene & Presentation – presenting your best self for your business
  • Anatomy Theory – understanding the structure and cycle of the natural lash
  • Extension types – understanding the different types of Eyelash Extensions and when to use them
  • Eye shapes & styles – recognising Eye Shapes and choosing styles and extensions to best suit your client
  • Humidity and its effect on Eyelash Extension Application – why you need to monitor your humidity and how to work with it
  • Consultation, Patch Testing & Contraindications – how consultation and patch testing can minimise risks, manage expectations and maximise happiness for your clients
  • Tools of the Trade – what you need and when and how to use them
  • Insurance & Legal liabilities and responsibilities



  • Work Area Preparation
  • Application – how to apply safely and isolate correctly
  • Aftercare
  • Removal
  • Maintenance and Infills
  • Advanced techniques for Correction, Density, Texture & Variation
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Manual Practice on mannequin head
  • Practical skills on live models (3 models)



We use a Competency-based training approach to teaching and learning that allows our Students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the workplace by applying what they learn and their experiences from the training program. Competency-based training is learner focused and is a natural fit to independent study, with your Trainer guiding you through the process. This method allows a Student to learn at their own pace, practising and refining as they move through each case study.

After your initial face to face training, you will be required to submit independent assessments to perfect the skills and knowledge you have learned. For Classic Eyelash Extensions training, you will need to complete the following to a Competent standard:

  • Four x Full Set Eyelash Extension Applications, each set consisting of a minimum of eighty eyelash extensions per eye
  • Two Infill Services
  • One Removal Service
  • Knowledge Assessment Form


While Enchanted SPA recommends a four week study timetable for completion of all activities required, how long your course will take to complete may depend on:

  • Whether your salon environment is already established and meets the requirements for independent study. We provide you with details on what you need in our Student Information Handbook when you enrol with us. If you need time to set up first, we can provide tips during your face to face training on the type of equipment you need and where to find it.
  • Your personal circumstances. If you have existing commitments, or an illness or disability that means you need to complete your assessments over a longer period, just let us know in advance so we can adjust your program.
  • Your personal efforts in submitting assessments on time and correctly.
  • Whether you have attained the required skill and knowledge level at the completion of the recommended study. If your Trainer feels you are not quite ready, you do not ‘Fail’. They may ask you to complete additional tasks or activities to help you meet competency requirements.


You will be able to proficiently perform Classic Eyelash Extensions (1:1), providing you with superb income opportunities with low outlay on successful completion of this course.

Treatment time varies between 1-2 hours depending on the desired look and the level of experience of the Lash Technician; with practice comes speed! Classic Eyelash Extensions can last 2-3 weeks before infill services are needed.

We deliver Classic Eyelash Extensions training courses regularly in Perth.  Courses are available for Regional WA, Adelaide, Darwin and other states in Australia on demand.


What you get when you train with Enchanted SPA

  • Two Full days face to face training
  • Student Information Handbook, Study Guide and Workbook
  • Comprehensive Training Guide
  • Post course Assessment program including Case Study review, feedback and support and Knowledge Assessment
  • Ongoing Support including membership of ‘The Enchanted World’, an online support group exclusively for Enchanted students with access to Trainers and Industry experts.
  • Permanent access to online Classic Training Video Library
  • Ongoing access to additional Classic Workshops
  • Full Tools of the Trade Kit containing 3 x Lash Trays, Majestic Tweezer Set, Lash & Brow Cleanser, Adhesive, Adhesive Remover, Scissors, Mirror, Crystal Stone, Air Blower, Micropore Tape, Transpore Tape, 10 each of Crystal Cover stickers, Mascara Brushes, Microbrushes, Lint free Eye Pads, Sponge Applicators
Classic Eyelash Extensions Training kit

Classic Eyelash Extensions training kit included in course

Duration2 Full Days Face to Face training plus independent post course Assessment program (Assessment program duration is flexible but recommended completion is 4 weeks after initial training)
Hours8.30am to 5.30pm each day
AccreditationEnchanted SPA Certificate of Competency on successful completion of training and post course Assessment program


Statement of Attainment for SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions from our partner, Trainwest (RTO 51807) on successful completion of training and post course Assessment program

Course Cost$1495.00
Payment OptionsPayment in full OR Pay by five x weekly instalments of $299.00 (interest free)
RequirementsPen/Pencil and note pad to take notes
UniformComfortable black clothes/beauty uniform and flat enclosed shoes


It's easy!

To enrol and pay online,  just choose a date that suits you from our list of available dates!  When we receive your payment, we will send you an enrolment confirmation with all information you need to prepare for your course.

If you have any questions about our course or the enrolment process,  please call us on 1300 113 996 during business hours (AWST), text us on 0450 424 739 or Contact Us.