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At Enchanted SPA, we've got you covered through our online Global Academy!

Enchanted SPA offers a variety of online training courses in eye artistry, beauty, business and mentoring services to help you build your dreams and live your best life.  Wherever you are in the world, whether you are in another country or just down the road,  we can help!

  • learn stunning treatments for lashes and brows
  • upskill to take your treatments to the next level
  • turn your side hustle into your dream business

Are you looking for online training courses that are detailed, relevant and just as great as in person training? You are in the right place!

We regularly update our content to address current industry best practice, meaning you continue to benefit as we share new information.

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Study when it works for you!

We get up close and personal in each lesson, bringing you right there with us! Our trainers guide you through step by step, with a combination of video tutorials and demonstrations, downloads, worksheets and activities to reinforce what you learn.

Studying technical skills courses?  When you are ready, take our Knowledge Assessment and submit client case studies for assessment and personal feedback!

We build your skills and knowledge in a clear and simple way, with progression at your own pace so you never feel overwhelmed, just naturally confident and ready for the next step.

Receive all of the benefits of in-person training while being able to study when it works for you. Plus, with online training courses you have the extra benefit of replaying tutorials and demonstrations at any time to refresh your knowledge!

With extra support available through our Private Student Group when you need it, Enchanted SPA gives you ultimate flexibility to become a kick ass beauty professional and earn extra income! Want to know more? Give us a call or send us a message!


Skills & Knowledge you can learn from us!



Are you ready to build your dream? Beauty Business Builder helps women start and grow their own home lash & brow salon, giving them confidence, their own money and independence, and the freedom to have people in their life because they CHOOSE to, not because they need to.

You can be an amazing Lash and Brow Artist and run a successful business with our BESPOKE Lash & Brow Business Mentoring Program with Accountability Package.

With a lot of different package options available to suit your personal needs, we can help you TRANSFORM your entire world!

This course is suitable for beginners. If you have previously trained but do not have confidence in your current knowledge level, our course is also for you!



Give your beauty business the fitness check it needs. Learn how to put more ‘business’ into your beauty business with our Bootcamp designed especially for the real life of home salon owners.

Whether you have just started your business or are an industry veteran, our 7 day Bootcamp helps you think about the important things, harness your power and go forward and smash it!!

beautiful model with styled Eyelash extensions using Advanced Lash Styling methods



Do you wish you knew when, where and how to use Advanced Styling for Eyelash Extensions? Knowing the Pro tips and tricks can make the difference between your lash sets being standard or amazing.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd and master lash styling with advanced skills. Challenge your thinking, become an expert at bespoke eyelash extensions sets and keep up with lash trends. Create your own lane, grow your artistry and your profit!

This short course is suitable for Classic Eyelash Extensions artists as well as Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions artists.



If only you could find out exactly HOW to correctly interpret lash competition rules and how to impress the judges, or even how to BE a judge….WELL NOW YOU CAN!

Find out what Judges really look for in Lash Competitions. Discover how to correctly interpret competition criteria and plan your entry to maximise your score points – before you even enter! Enter our Eyelash Extensions Mock Competition and apply what you have learned in Classic, Volume or Fantasy – your choice!

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some competition experience, this short course is suitable for you.



Our Style Master Advanced Lash Artistry & How to Succeed in Lash Competitions Course bundle will truly accelerate your lash game! Become an expert at styling eyelash extensions, find out what Judges really look for and enter comps with the confidence to win!

Buy our two short courses as a bundle and save a massive $247!


How can we help?

Below are some common questions we are asked – click on the question to find out the answer!  If you have a question that is not listed here, feel free to drop us a line via our Contact page.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

No unfortunately. All digital products are deemed ‘used’ once downloaded or opened. As this is a digital course, no refunds will be given.

At Enchanted SPA we pride ourselves on providing high quality content designed to be accessible and understandable wherever you are at in business. We are confident that you will get great value for money if you work through the whole curriculum as offered.

I've never done any business training before. Does that matter?

Don’t worry, a lot of people in our industry haven’t done any business training either! That’s why we’ve set all of our business content out in a really clear and easy to understand way. We take you through everything step by step so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Why can't I see any pricing for Beauty Business Builder?

We have a LOT of different packages available and we customise to suit your personal needs. Pricing options include pay in full or on a payment plan, different product vouchers and inclusions. If you have already done other training with us, you also get extra bonuses! We go through all of the options, including the prices, and then let you choose the one that is right for you.

Can I share my access to any online courses with my friends or work mates?

No but thank you for your question. Your enrollment gives you access for one user only. If you want access to our content for more than one person, you will need to enroll each one.

What currency are the course prices?

Pricing is based on the Australian Dollar (AUD).

I’ve seen other courses out there that are cheaper, why should I choose you?

We are masters at teaching  and have deep knowledge and experience in all areas we cover. Many expert lash and brow stylists, successful salon owners and award winning artists have been created from this content.  There is so much detail in each and every subject. We provide you with the opportunity to have your work professionally assessed if you wish to earn additional certification. We also invite you to join our exclusive private Facebook Student Support Group with other students, our trainers and mentors where you get lifetime support and access to our Enchanted Community. All of our online courses represents amazing value and an excellent investment if you are serious about your artistry and your business. If price is your deciding factor, then we are probably not for you, and that’s ok!

How long will it take me to finish the online courses?

We take you through everything step by step so you won’t feel overwhelmed. But if you’re a fast learner and killing it, there’s no reason you can’t get through the shorter courses in a couple of days.

If you are  enrolled in one of the courses that requires formal assessment for Certification, mentoring sessions or feedback it will of course take a lot longer!

Except for any submission requirements, you set the pace based around your life and commitments and we work with you at your level of progress.