In their own words...

It’s a big deal choosing a company you can trust, especially when you are making a big investment in a training course to start or expand your business.  That’s why we are happy to share with you what people really think about Enchanted SPA in their own words.

Beauty Business Builder really does change lives!

Enchanted Spa and their online course Beauty Business Builder has been one of the best things I’ve EVER done. It’s taught me everything about lashes and brows but not only that, they’ve taught me how to work for myself, start MY OWN business and get my life up and running.

I have a disability which effects my day to day tasks like working full time and making a living for myself. It’s something that’s not visible to the eye so people treat it as just an excuse unfortunately. I was working 9-5, 3 days a week and the company was not accommodating whatsoever. I went home had a little cry and quit, they made me feel awful about myself and my disability.

I have a twin sister who’s gone through Enchanted Spa before and she’s bought her own house, a new car and everything because they’ve helped her achieve that. After I quit my job I went to Kelly and asked what I could do as she was so accommodating for my twin sister (who has the same disability). Kelly told me about the Beauty Business Builder program.

At first I thought I can’t do an online course I’m better with hands on work. But they’ve made it so it’s still hands on and you’re learning the exact same way you would in a class and I’ve never looked back since I’ve started. They don’t just show you how do to something they show you why as well as how and everything in between. Hands down the best thing I’ve ever done. You run a busy life? That’s no problem, you do this on your own time while they still encourage you. You’re unwell? That’s also fine they put your health first before anything but still give you that little bit of motivation to help you.

If it wasn’t for Kelly and Enchanted Spa I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m so thankful for Beauty Business Builder and everything they’ve done at Enchanted Spa. I can now actually say I LOVE what I do. – Sophia xx

Thursday, 1 August 2019
Perth, Western Australia


Hear what Naomie from Bronze Bombshell Beauty has to say about her training in Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions and our Advanced Styling Workshop.  Naomie also completed Classic Eyelash Extension training with Enchanted SPA and came back to us “because the support isn’t just in the classroom but outside as well.  It’s continued and I liked the way the course worked.”

Saturday, 6 May 2017


Sophie from Luxe Lash & Brow Bar has completed courses in Classic Eyelash Extensions, Lash and Brow Design & Alchemy and Lash Lift with Enchanted SPA.  Hear what Sophie has to say about getting a good start and doing what you love.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Rachel Bridges Recommends us!

Lash Love Magazine Winter 2017 interview with Rachel Bridges recommending Enchanted SPa

From an interview in Lash Love Magazine Winter 2017 edition:

Can you name one lash teacher whose course you would recommend taking today?

“There are so many talented trainers but if I just had to recommend just one it would be Kelly Storer from Enchanted SPA.  Her and her team are incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of the lash business and are always incredibly helpful.  They are truly passionate about providing excellent training and ensuring their student’s success.” Rachel Bridges, Lessons in Lashes (LILA)

Saturday, 6 May 2017
Rachel Bridges
Lessons in Lashes

Enchanted Event – Mega Volume Unleash Your Creativity

Eva Zacharias, Owner at EyelusionZ Beauty Concepts

Seeing what the students could create in only one day has me looking forward to seeing what they create when they are given more time to prep for their design visions! I hope to see them all competing in lash competitions for fantasy as their talents and abilities were truly amazing. I also have to mention how grateful I am to Kelly and her team for putting this all together; the event was so well thought out and planned. I cannot imagine all the hard work that went into it as it was very impressively done! And thanks to Hilaree Brand for partnering with me; I had a blast teaching alongside her! I can’t wait and am looking forward to the next one!

Saturday, 6 May 2017
Eva Zacharias
EyelusionZ Beauty Concepts

Wonderful Support

Photo of student volume lash application work before and after receiving advice from her trainer

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Kelly Storer. 1 week ago we had a video call because I was struggling with my volume pickup fanning and placement, one 10 minute call and the penny finally dropped. I just want to say never give up and with such wonderful support there is no need to – just drop the ladies a line and problem solved!!!

Major Enchanted Love xxx

Saturday, 6 May 2017
Perth, Western Australia

Everything Enchanted SPA stands for is true

Being the Change. The Lash Socialite Squad #lashsquadgoals

To the ladies from Enchanted SPA, I wanted to thank you for the support I have received from you all; I took a course a while back in Lash Lifts and Ultimate Brow, then other in Creative work. Kelly still makes time for me when I want to bounce an idea around! I continue to get advice and support from the Enchanted World. I admire any business for having a finger on the pulse; it’s something that is vital in our industry as it’s forever changing. If I could clone Janelle, I would; she’s a wealth of knowledge and information! The online support I receive from Jodie means the world! Everything Enchanted SPA stands for is true, and it’s uplifting and an honour to be a part of something so amazing. Thank you so much for the commitment you have to better the lash industry.

Saturday, 6 May 2017
Esther (Viva La Esther - The Lash Socialite)
Perth, Western Australia