Below are some common questions we are asked – click on the question to find out the answer!  If you have a question that is not listed here, feel free to drop us a line via our Contact page.

I have no training or experience, does that matter or do I need to be a beautician to book your courses?

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions, Lash and Brow Design & Alchemy and Lash Lift courses are all designed to teach you everything from start to finish, so they are perfect for complete beginners as well as people who have some prior training or experience.

The only course that currently requires previous experience is Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, where previous training and/or experience in Classic Eyelash Extensions is required.

Our workshops have various pre-requisites depending on the topic, but will always state if there is a required experience level.

How do I know if your training is right for me?

There are a lot of things to consider. Some questions you might like to think about when you are looking at courses are:

  • Is the trainer qualified?
  • Are they active in the industry?
  • Do they keep up to date?
  • Is the training a workshop or a full course?
  • Do you receive a manual and learning materials?
  • Is ongoing support offered?
  • Is a kit included or do you have to buy that on top of the course cost?
  • Is the training recommended by others?

We take our commitment to our students seriously and we want you to be confident in your choice of Enchanted SPA as your trainer.  If after looking at our Training course information you have more questions, give us a call – we’d love to have a chat with you!

What happens when I book a course or workshop online?

Once we receive notification from our website that you have booked your course or workshop, Enchanted SPA will send you an Enrolment Confirmation package with everything you need to know, including information on what to bring/wear, model requirements and arrival time, an Agenda for the training days and your Student Information Handbook.

I'm just starting out my beauty business, what do I need to set up my beauty room?

When you book a fundamentals training course with Enchanted SPA like Classic Eyelash Extensions, Lash and Brow Design & Alchemy or Lash Lift, we tell you everything you will need to perform the treatment you are learning.  This will include the type of bed, stool, trolley, light etc that might be suitable for a new starter.  If you haven’t worked in the beauty industry before and are completely fresh, we recommend you hold off buying any equipment before your face to face training – just in case you buy something that turns out to be not quite suitable!

Can I book Classic Eyelash Extensions and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions and do them at the same time?

Technically, yes you can book both at the same time and complete face to face training in the same week.  However, you need to be aware there is a lot of theory, practical skills and knowledge to be learned in Classic Eyelash Extensions that is fundamental to the profession.  In addition, Russian Volume has its own theory, practical skills and knowledge that also builds from Classic.  Both courses have a Post Course Assessment program that will require you to complete models and knowledge assessment independently in order to be assessed as competent and receive certification.    That’s a lot of practical skills to learn and case studies to complete in the month after training!

We do recommend completing Classic Eyelash Extensions training, qualifying and gaining sufficient experience in one to one lashing before you move onto Russian Volume.

However, if you are determined to take on both and feel you will be able to quickly grasp the skills and knowledge and have sufficient time to manage the post course assessment requirements together, that is up to you.  If you do decide to enrol for both and then find at the end of your face to face Classic training days you feel you need more time, we allow you to rebook the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension course to a later date.

I've just bought something in your online shop, how do I check the status of my order?

We have an awesome system right here on our website!  All you need to do is enter your Order ID and your billing email and hit the ‘Track’ button.  Our system will take you straight to our Delivery Provider’s tracking page (usually Australia Post for delivery within Australia), pre-fill your tracking number and all you need to do is hit the button! Easy!  If you want to check it out, you can find our Order Tracking page here

Do you do discounts for bulk buying orders?

Yes we do! Sometimes these are already set up on our website.  However if you have a very large order or would like to set up an arrangement to supply your salon on an ongoing basis and would like to explore possible discounts available, give us a call or email!

I bought something on impulse and now I've changed my mind. Can I return it?

We want you to be happy with your purchases from us, but if for some reason things aren’t as you hoped, you can return them to us within 14 days for a refund or exchange if you are a retail customer.  Wholesale customers can return goods for exchange or credit at any time.  Please be aware that there are terms and conditions you need to comply with for returns and exchanges with Enchanted SPA – you can find the details here.

I've heard Eyelash Extensions damage your natural eyelashes. Is this true?

Short answer – No.

Eyelash extensions from a properly trained Eyelash Extension artist will not damage your natural lashes at all and can be re-filled indefinitely.  As long as they are properly applied using the correct products and taking into account the weights and lengths that your natural lash can safely support there will be no damage at all even after years of continuous wear.

So-called Cluster lashes or Speed lashes are a different story.  These are often bonded to multiple natural lashes, which pull against each other as they grow out, causing discomfort and sometimes causing the natural lash to fall out too soon in its natural cycle.  This can leave people with gaps in their lash line and weak lashes.  Always check your eyelash extension artist is properly trained and remember, if your eyelash extensions hurt, something is not right!  Contact your artist for assistance – quality providers will always be happy to help.

Can my child/friend come to the appointment with me?

It is preferred that you come alone to all appointments.  If you talk too much during the appointment, the cheek movement can cause your under eye gel pads or tape to slip.  This may irritate your eyes and/or create a gap that can cause temporary fume burn from the adhesive or other chemicals (red eyes).  In addition, distractions to your lash or brow artist can slow the application process, meaning you may receive a lesser treatment in your allotted appointment time.  Finally, you cannot supervise your child with your eyes closed – and neither can your artist!  Be safe and smart, leave children where they can be properly supervised for their own protection and your peace of mind.