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Lash Inc Magazine Australasia is a quarterly magazine for lash artists in Australia and New Zealand, published in digital and print versions.

Readers of Lash Inc Magazine Australasia will benefit from content relevant specifically to our region as well as the international section.  The magazine you already love will come with an insert dedicated to news, events, suppliers and artists in Australia and New Zealand. The amazing growth of contributions and readership in Australia and New Zealand has shown it is time to shine in our own right!

Let Lash Inc Magazine Australasia inspire you with content drawn locally and from the global lash community! Showcase your work or business; connect, advertise, learn and grow. Keep up to date with industry changes, news and events.  Browse through images of beautiful lash work.

Finally a lashes, beauty and business journal dedicated to the lash industry in Australia and New Zealand has arrived!

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Benefits of being published

Lash Inc Magazine is an Industry icon with a readership of over 25,000 from countries all over the world. Powered by Global Editor Louise Tierney,  Lash Inc Magazine has brought people together across the globe; helping propel the lash industry to become one of the fastest growing sectors of beauty. Lash Inc is very active in the lash world and is always invited to be part of events, conferences and competitions worldwide.

Lash Artists

Having your work showcased in publications is great for business. If you have attractive high resolution images of your lash work that you are proud of, feel free to submit them to us! You can show your customers how prestigious your work is if it is chosen to be published.

Do you have unique expertise you’d like to share with fellow artists? We invite you to submit informative content that shares tips and techniques!

If you have a newsworthy event our readers will be interested in, let us know!

Suppliers and Trainers

Every single person who reads this magazine could be your next customer! Get organic reach direct to your ideal market and show everyone why your products and services are valued.

Got Something you want to share?

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The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject content at it’s sole discretion.  By submitting images and/or content you are warranting that the copyright is your own and any appropriate permissions for publication have been obtained. The publisher cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond it’s control affecting publication, production or delivery.  No responsibility will be accepted for any errors in copy.  Should any paid content or part thereof fail to be published, liability will not exceed the cost of the paid space.

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Paid Content Options

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