Kelly Storer demonstrating advanced lash styling techniques to a student

Anyone can pick up a lash extension and graft it onto someone’s lashes, it’s quite an easy thing to do. The tough part of our job is actually changing how people look. The lash styling in our skill set really takes eyelash extensions to the next level. Most eyelash extension courses cover basic eye shapes, curls, lengths and thicknesses; but they don’t cover advanced lash training.  It would be too overwhelming to try and learn the next level techniques while you are still figuring out how to hold your tweezers or pick up a lash!

There’s a MASSIVE difference between someone who knows how to put lash extensions on and a lash artist and style master.

And why do we still call it eyelash extensions?  I think we should actually call it Eyelash Enhancements! We don’t always extend the length of the natural lash!

You can do so much MORE with advanced lash styling.  Playing around with curls, changing the length and thickness and adding texture.

You *can* just put extensions on to make the lashes look longer, but you aren’t really changing anything about how your client looks.  But if you mix it all up, you can change someone’s face; completely transforming their appearance in the best way.  That my friends, is lash artistry!

Here are my 3 top tips on styling to help you completely change your lash sets instantly.

illustration demonstrating mixing curls for better lash styling on inner corners of lashes
illustration demonstrating dropping lengths on inner corners and mixing lengths in a natural lash map for better eye styling inner corners of lashes

1. Work your inner corners

The inners are such an important part of the lash set; I hate it when the lashes start high and curly.  So, what I like to do on my lash sets is drop the curl and length on the inner lashes.

Whatever curl you use when you’re mapping your eyelash extension set, say it’s a D; drop it on the inner lashes, like a C curl so it’s not quite as curly, and drop the length, so your set starts from nothing and goes up into this lovely style.

You should follow the eye shape and rise up rather than seeing all the lashes exactly the same length across the eye.  It’s too overpowering otherwise.

Image showing the right way to assess lash styling for an eyelash extension client - face on with client sitting upright
Image showing the wrong way to assess lash styling for an eyelash extension client - client laying down on beauty bed

2. Choose a style face to face

When you are assessing your client’s lashes for styling – don’t wait until they are laying down on the bed in front of you. Yes, you do that to assess the integrity and the length and thickness of the natural lashes. But people don’t generally go around looking at people from above their head with their eyes closed, so why would you choose lash styling that way?!

When you are doing a consultation and assessing for styling, it should always be with the client sat straight up and in front of you. You should be looking at their eye shapes, facial features you can complement and how you can enhance their appearance. Not what you can change about their lashes from the top down.

Case in Point:

You know sometimes you do a set of lashes and you sit up at the back of the client’s head and you think “omg these lashes are amazing! They are going to look so good!” and then the client sits up and you’re like “WTF happened there? Where’s all that thickness gone? Where’s all that style gone? I can’t see any of it now!”

It’s because you did your assessing and styling from the top down instead of looking at your client face on. This is a common mistake, but it’s easily fixed!

p.s. We did a survey and found that 95% of our students assessed from top down before they started our Advanced Lash Styling training, so don’t worry, you’re not alone!  None of those students assess from top down now – ever! And they’ve never looked back!

illustration demonstrating mixing curls for better lash styling on inner corners of lashes and to correct downturned eyes

3. Use your curls to perform Illusions

When you start styling properly and mixing curls, you can really change the look of the eye shapes and bring brows up or down, widen eyes or bring them closer together, disguise aging hooded eyes and freshen a tired face.

L curl is brilliant for providing extra lift. Say for example when you are looking at your client’s eye shapes, one eye is slightly more downturned than the other. You do the C curl in the inner corners and D curl across the rest.  Then if you put a few L curls in the very outside corner of the downturned eye, you will lift the eye up, so you have matching eye shapes and correct the balance. Magic!

Warning; when you’re lashing and you look down at the client’s lash line, it will look messier! But don’t worry! When they sit up it all comes together and that is advanced lashing properly done, using tips and tricks to change how the client looks.

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